Working Positive

May 5, 2006 at 3:46 pm (Uncategorized)

How do you know that you have a good, positive job?

This is a question that I have asked myself numerous times. I have had very few “official” jobs in the past. The first big job I really had was as a sacristan at a local church. I was fourteen when I started there, working any of the five weekend Masses that I was asked to work at. However, at times, even working at a church was getting on my nerves. People would whine to you (you work there, so you are a prime target) about anything that they could. It was also the first time I really realized how much politics and people’s personalities get in the way of the REAL reason you go to Mass. Being as young as I was, I couldn’t tell them to go fly a kite or jump in a lake, since most of them were adults with little else to do but whine and fuss about what the priest was doing this time that hurt their precious sensibilities, or that the air was to cold or hot, or whatever. To make a long story short, the working situation I was in was not a positive environment.

The next jobs I had were loner jobs, yardwork and animal care. These involved physical work, and I was alone in my musings. Most of the jobs I did were for elderly people from Mass, except for one job that was across the street taking care of goats and horses. These were great jobs, but they were loner jobs. I did not work with others really well after this, and had to re-learn working with people every time I did community service or other projects involving other people. So in a way, those jobs were not really positive either.

Then I started working at my current job. It is a Catholic store, with both a local store, and a worldwide online store. The people I work with are great, easy to work with, and the only whining that goes on is good natured pickin’. The positive job is found. Although a positive job for others might be different, I think I found my perfect job.


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